KCME was founded under one notion... people need innovation. We can't let time go by and watch as others attempt to change the culture, and not play our part. We created a simple product that is highly versatile, consumer friendly, and maximizes throughout.

Once we had the vision for what we could do, we set it in motion. We thought that once people seen what we could do for them, there could be no denying it. We wanted to make a change for someone's company real, not just on paper.

After finding the right team, I knew we could make anything happen as long as we wanted it bad enough. Now here we are today.

Brandyn Kleeves



The people who go to work for you

This is a standard at KCME. We’ve created a set of core values that we never stray from. Every person is committed to upholding our values, and going to work for our customers is at the top of that list. We want to do everything we can to get you your products, when you need them.



Committed. Dedicated. Reliable.

This is our standard at KCME. We are committed to the work we do, and see to it that everyone's needs are met. We are dedicated to our craft, and always continue to make improvements. Lastly, our reliability is unmatched. We will work around the clock to make good on our promises.


Let's build a valuable partnership!