Frequently Asked Questions

Well first and foremost, our aftermarket insert plates increase production and performance across the board. Not only that, in most cases, they are much less expensive, more user friendly, and last longer than OEM replacement die sets.

They are extremely easy to clean! Simply pull the plate and filler out to perform a wash down. That's it. No need to go through every single piece that comes along with OEM dies.

Yes. We have manufactured dies for many different rollsock machines, I.E. - Multivac, tiromat, Dixie Union, Ross, Rollstock, etc.

The plates vary depending on the style of each one, but normally they range from about 7lbs to 15lbs.

No. We make sure that in every scenario that our plastic lightweight filler blocks can withstand the heat created at each machine. If ever there is a concern, we have an aluminum based filler as well.

You simply pull the die out of the box being used and set the new one in. You can have your new desired depth ready to start forming in much less time than an OEM die change-over.

The cost of each set varies between machines. The difference in size is what affects the cost directly. On average we sell a set for $3100.00, which includes 3 different die inserts and a die box filler.

We are extremely confident in our products. These are performance parts specifically designed to improve production. With that being said, we offer up a 60 day trial period of any desired plate to be used in your facility so you can see first-hand the products capability and allows you as a customer to understand that our products pose no potential threat to the well being of your equipment.